{20 Day SHINee Challenge} DAY 14: Favorite show - HELLO BABY
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{20 Day SHINee Challenge} DAY 14: Favorite show - HELLO BABY

cr: kaidois

cr: 丹参岛主 | CBKAI

I’m Your Boy Tour [141001]

While Jonghyun was speaking, Onew touched the hair at the back of Jonghyun’s head and fluffed it. For a split-second, Jonghyun looked back a bit as if asking what it was, then resumed talking. Onew just continued fluffing his hair. In the end, Jonghyun himself reached back to fluff the back of his head.

(cr:@s_s4s_m, translated by @keihissi)

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I’m your boy tour 14/10/01


During fire: 

Onew and JongHyu stared at each other and then smiled to each other

They are switching places but Onew and Jonghyun blocked TaeMin’s way



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