How to do a text cut/”read more” on tumblr

Create a regular text post. You can even go into an already existing one and edit it.


Then type/put in whatever you wanted to post here. Ok? OK! (Ignore the repeated words in my screencap. FML.)


Once you’re done, choose what you want to hide under a cut. Click right before the first letter of that part to have the “blinking text cursor” placed there.


Then click on the 2nd button from the right, next to the “html” button.




A dotted line and “READ MORE” will appear right above the line where your text cursor was.


Everything of this post after the “read more” line will be put under a cut. On their dashboard, your followers will only to have to click on the link of your post to go to your entire entry. Visitors who go directly on tumblr will also need to do the same thing but the advantage of this is that it won’t clutter your tumblr or your followers’ dashboards.

Click “create post” (or “save changes” if you’re editing an existing post). This is what it’ll look like on the dashboard once you’re done:


[EDIT] If for some reason you’re missing the “read more” option/button
- you most likely have the wrong box checked in your preferences:

Click on “account" at the top of your dash and go to "preferences" then check what you have at "edit posts using”. The option chosen should be rich text editor”. Don’t forget to save preferences once done.

That should fix it. [/EDIT]

And guess what?! YOU’RE DONE!


Feel free to reblog with proper credits…

Take out/erase any texts, tags/watermarks and/or credits and YOU. SHALL. DIE.

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