Second batch of Holiday cards done, for the American gals: Ildy/sleepyheaded, Naenae/nerdpirate, Nancy/chrysanthemum-tea, Tasha/taebait and Leah/pengnew (with whom I’ve been exchanging cards for several years now).

Like I said before, I wish I would’ve send cards to a few more of you but I can’t afford any more stamps. :(

Lol um can you guys figure out the group in one of the cards? (Hint: 6 members, one of them has hands disproportionally large to the rest of his body.) And shut up Nae, I’ve never drawn a pirate ship before ok? @__@;;

(Click pics for larger size.)

  1. pengnew answered: OMG!!! I love it! Nicely done! I so cannot wait to get your card! I’ll get your’s mailed out soon! :D
  2. yoon-mirae answered: Omg how cute <3
  3. childishgrin posted this


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