afternoon tea: Hello new followers, here are some stats about me ↘

This is a game of “Who the fuck are you?”

  • Name: Viv
  • Age:  27
  • Height: 1.53m  or <5”2’
  • Relationship status: i like food
  • Birthday: Feb 3
  • Favorite color:  (late evening/night sky) blue
  • Favorite bands: SHINee, DBSK, FOB, MCS, etc
  • Last song listened: Parachute - “Forever and Always”
  • Favorite movie: LOTR
  • Last movie watched: The Avengers
  • Favorite book: LOTR/Anne of Green Gables series
  • Last book read: … erm. Most probably a comic book or manga.
  • # of siblings: 2 younger siblings
  • # of pets: we used to have fishes?
  • Best school subject: 
  • Mac or PC? pc
  • Cell phone type: sony ericsson (currently desactivated)
  • Current shirt color: pink
  • Day or night? night?
  • Summer or winter? fall!
  • Most-visited website? livejournal/youtube/tumblr
  • Celebrity crushes: Lee Jinki, Elijah Wood, Jung Yunho, Eric Christian Olsen, Barret Foa, Kim Dongwan
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Viv, Vi or Vivi,
Asian / French Canadian, Montreal

I rant, I spazz, I sing, I draw,
I dream, I criticize, I watch, I act,
I'm sarcastic, I'm empathetic,
I can get philosophical,
I can also be completely wacky
I'm a walking self-contradiction, really

Main interests: Kpop, LOTR, food, etc
ships: OnKey & XiuChen
JongYu, SuLay, Kaisoo, Baekyeol
Kangteuk & YunJae
biases: Onew, Xiumin, Elijah Wood, Yunho, etc
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