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Why Minseok's instagram is still inactive

Minseok: maybe i should join IG
Kris: yes join the cool crowd
Baekhyun: you're so late hyung, kkaebsong~
Chanyeol: ah do it hyung!
Zitao: hyung follow me please
Sehun: hyungie yehet~
Joonmyun: so how do i get a pro account?

look i’m contributing to the xiuchen and chenmin tags (aka untitled for now)

Drabble inspired by this gif (from here):


"Stop doing that you dipshit. Your heart should belong to me alone," Minseok murmurs without any real anger, hands grazing the skin under Jongdae’s shirt as the older boy gently bumps their hips together, making him swallow thickly.

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onkey, office romance!!


"Um. Hi?"

Kibum stares up at the attractive man fidgeting in front of his desk, refusing to meet his confused gaze as he waits for some questions or requests to be made. The blond quickly glances at the open agenda to his left to check if he’s missed any appointments or meetings but the space for this afternoon is clearly blank.

"Sir?" he finally asks when the silence seems to stretch on for a beat too long. The other male still can’t look at him and Kibum notices the thick fingers clenching and unclenching, playing with the sleeves of a well ironed light blue shirt.

"Do you need anything sir?" the blond asks again, this time with a frown. He watches the nervous man before him stiffen for a brief moment before taking in and then releasing a deep breath. There seems to be a sudden shift in the latter’s posture and Jinki quickly looks up, staring straight into Kibum’s eyes with determination.

Jinki opens his mouth.

And then closes it.

Kibum is almost tempted to snap at the older man to just get on with it so that he can get back to work until he notices how white Jinki’s knuckles are from his hands gripping the edge of the wooden desk. Instead, he clasps his own pale hands together to wait patiently for the other male whose brown eyes are now taking on a panicked glint. The secretary watches as Jinki suddenly straightens up and runs a hand through his well coiffed brown tresses before realizing that he has probably messed up his hair style and starts to pat his back down, flustered. Whatever irritation Kibum felt instantly disappears.

"It’s fine, sir," he says, an amused smile drawing itself on his cupid bow lips, before adding “I think you look even better like that."

When he realizes what he just said, heat instantly suffuses Kibum’s pales cheeks and stains them pink. It’s his turn to start fidgeting and avoiding the other’s stare but this seems to give Jinki enough courage to blurt out his next words.

"I was wondering if you’d like to have dinner tonight."

Kibum blinks up at him in shock.

"With me, I mean."

The secretary only widens his feline eyes further.

"I mean you don’t have to you know, like, accept or anything, you know, I mean you shouldn’t feel, like, obligated to accept you know, I mean you can refuse you know, it’s fine you know, I’d perfectly understand, you know, if you didn’t want to you- "


"Kno- Ok?"

Jinki blinks owlishly at the secretary, still not quite believing what he just heard. The younger man gives him a small smile, the pink in his cheeks still present and the two of them end up just staring at each other for a good minute.

"After work?" Kibum finally asks, shyly looking back down at his clasped hands.

"If you don’t mind," Jinki squeaks before clearing his throat, “Unless you want to go home to change first? I mean you already look perfect you know so it’s not like- ah, I’ll. Um. I mean." 

Kibum chuckles as the older man blushes a bright red.

"After work is fine," he answers, smiling reassuringly at the brunet.

Jinki stares at Kibum for another second before the words finally sink in.

"Great!" he beams, still facing Kibum as he slowly starts to step backwards to his own office, “I’ll see in two hours then?"

"Of course, president Lee."

Jinki trips and lands on his butt just as he reaches the door frame connecting his office to Kibum’s.

Married couple jonghyun and eunsook having a baby



He heard rustling. There was some movements near him, followed by some shuffling that seemed of no consequences at the time. The faint noises seemed to surround him after a while and only when he felt the bed dipping slightly beside him did the young man slowly awake.

“Jonghyun,” the voice was soft yet urging, a hand on his shoulder firmly shaking him.

Jonghyun made a snuffling sound, almost flinging out an arm to slap the offending hand away before unconsciously stopping himself, as if he had remembered through his sleep addled mind who he was sharing the bedroom with.

The small hand gripped his bicep, this time harder, and shook him insistently as he name was called once again. Unfortunately the male only moaned and rolled over, eyes still closed and refusing to acknowledge anything other than than the warm and comfy bed he had been peacefully sleeping in since last- cold air met his body as the blanket was suddenly ripped off of him and a dainty foot kicked him hard enough to send him flying out of said bed.

“Mguh?” Jonghyun groaned out, sitting up from the floor and rubbing his eyes, his mind still hazy as he looked up at the figure standing on the other side of the bed.

“Jonghyun,” the feminine voice calmly answered, this time louder than before, “we need to get to the hospital. Now.”

“… Heh?” the brunet replied intelligibly, still blinking repeatedly to clear up his blurry vision as he looked at the bright green numbers of the digital clock and was able to make out that it was slightly past 8 in the morning.

“We need to go to the hospital,” the other person patiently repeated, “right now.”

“Hos… pital?”


Jonghyun instantly shot up this time around, the tone uncharacteristically harsh and reminiscent of those few times someone in his entourage would either majorly screw up, become overly emotional or be stubborn to a fault. No one, no one, could hold their own when that tone made its presence known. One word was all it ever took immediately snap anyone back to earth or bring them to their knees. The most terrifying times was when she said their full name.

Fortunately it had been rarely used so far.

“Eunsook noona?” Jonghyun stared wide-eyed at the young fully dressed woman standing across from him, taking in her placid demeanor despite her flushed round cheeks and previously sharp voice.

“The contractions have been steady for the last few hours, Jonghyun.” His brown eyes widened further. “It’s fine, I think you can still clean up before we need to go.”

“Did your water break?” the young man raced into the bathroom attached to their bedroom and splashed his face with some cold water to fully wake himself up before grabbing his toothbrush.

“I’m… not sure. I went to the bathroom halfway through the contractions happening but I don’t know if it was my water breaking or me just peeing?” she answered, watching Jonghyun zoom back into their bedroom and pulling on the jeans and sweater she had laid out for him while he was brushing his teeth. He didn’t miss the wince on her face as another contraction hit her body.

“Come on,” the brunet gently nudged Eunsook out of their bedroom. Once in their entryway the young woman slipped into a pair of sensible black flats while her partner grabbed a small suitcase, prepared and set there a few days before as the baby’s due date had been quickly approaching, and his keys as he pulled on a pair of dark brown army boots.

Eunsook let out a small whimper of discomfort as Jonghyun locked the door behind them and they carefully made their way to their car.

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Jonghyun taking care of sick!jinki please :)

Jonghyun trudges into the kitchen late one morning, teeth freshly brushed though he is still trying to clear the haze of sleep from his brain. The other boys are more or less in equal state of drowsiness and Minho is clearly struggling to not let his head drop on the table and fall back to sleep. Taemin, on the other hand, is slightly more awake but just barely; the boy takes his time to pour some cereal and milk into two bowls before pushing one of them in front of Minho who accepts it with a lethargic smile.

Jonghyun’s attention finally strays to Kibum who’s at the counter, muttering to himself as he’s fussing around with the electric kettle and some mugs. The singer furrows his brows after his eyes quickly sweep across the kitchen once again.

“Where’s Jinki hyung?”

“In bed,” Kibum answers, glancing back at Jonghyun as he pulls a bottle of honey out of a cabinet, “he didn’t look too good so I told him to sleep some more since it’s our day off.” Jonghyun’s brows crease further in worry.

“Is he alright?”

“He woke up coughing… I think he caught my cold.” the blond answers as he squeezes some honey into a mug, and Jonghyun sees something flashing in the younger man’s eyes as he makes his way toward the dancer.

“Are you making him something?”

“Just some lemon tea.”

“I’m sure he’ll appreciate it.” the older boy replies softly, patting his friend gently on the back as Kibum gives him a weak smile, aware of his attempt at dispelling whatever guilt his younger friend feels over the state of their leader.

“Why don’t you fix yourself some breakfast while I take this to Jinki?” the vocalist offers, reaching out to carefully grasp one mug with his hands. “You’re still recovering from your own cold,” he quickly adds, cutting off whatever protests that Kibum was about to make. There’s a moment of silence before his bandmate finally smiles at him gratefully and turns around to take a seat at the table with his own drink.

Jonghyun leaves the kitchen with the lemon tea in his hands, careful not to spill the hot liquid as he heads to Jinki’s bedroom after a quick detour by the bathroom to get the bottle of aspirins just in case. The door is already open when he gets there so he quietly slips in and makes his way to the eldest’s bed. There’s a blanket-covered mound there, and Jonghyun can’t help but slightly chuckle at the tuft of reddish brown hair peeking out of it as well as the small puppy sleeping right beside said hair.

Careful not to jostle any of the bed’s occupants, Jonghyun gingerly sits down on it and places the mug and the medicine on the nightstand before reaching out to where he thinks Jinki’s shoulder is and gently shaking it.

It takes a moment for the sleepy leader to stir awake but eventually a pair of tired, squinting brown eyes peering at Jonghyun jusr above the dark blanket and the shorter boy gives him a small smile.

“How are you feeling?” he asks, his fingers gently running through Jinki’s unruly bed hair before resting his palm on the latter’s forehead.

“Not too bad.” the older croaks out after a coughing bout, and Jonghyun almost rolls his eyes at the elder’s pained grin as he can clearly feel that Jinki’s skin feels slightly feverish.

“Kibum made you lemon tea with some honey, it should help with your throat,” the brunet replies, helping his bandmate sit up and propping up his pillow against the headboard before leaning him back against it while trying not to wake Comme des. “Drink it and then take an aspirin. You have a bit of a fever.” he continues as he lifts his legs, turns sideways and scoots back to sit next to Jinki.

The older boy nods as he accepts the warm mug pressed into his hands and takes a sip from it, careful not to burn himself. A soft sigh escapes his lips at the warmth surrounding him; the thick blanket covering him from the stomach and down, the tea slipping down his sore throat, the body pressed against his side and the strong arm wrapped around his shoulders, with fingers gently running up and down his arm.

“Are you hungry?” Jonghyun quietly asks Jinki once the mug is almost empty and some medicine has been taken. Comme des’ chooses that moment to suddenly open his eyes and blink at the couple. “We can order some soup from that place down the street.”

“Not right now,” the elder murmurs, letting his head drop to rest comfortably against one of the vocalist’s shoulders, his eyes close.

Jonghyun can feel the sleepiness crawling back over Jinki’s body so he reaches out with his free hand to pull the mug out of the latter’s grasp before putting it on the nightstand and grabbing a random book lying there to read for a few hours.

“Go back to sleep,” the brunet whispers, pressing a gentle kiss to his bandmate’s forehead, “I’ll wake you up for lunch.”

Jinki simply hums in reply and shifts slightly to wrap his arms around Jonghyun’s waist before snuggling into the younger vocalist, letting his soft breathing and heartbeat lull him back into dreamland.

Comme des whimpers faintly and scampers up on Jinki’s legs, lets out a yawn and finally settles down on the young man’s lap to go back to sleep.

Chibi Jinkibum, play prentend game

"Jinki hyung will be the mommy and I’ll be the daddy."

Jinki crossed his arms and, at the top of his 6 year old’s height, sulked down at his younger neighbour. “I don’t wanna be the mommy!” he replied petulantly, resisting the urge to stomp his feet because umma said big boys don’t stomp their feet! And I’m a big boy!

"I can’t be the mommy! I’m a boy!" the smaller brunet before him threw back, puffing his already chubby cheeks.

"I’m a boy too! And I’m older than you!" Jinki said, growing more and more frustrated at his playmate; the 4 year old merely glared at him.

"It doesn’t matter! My umma is older than my appa!"

"But Bummie’s prettier!" the older boy finally blurted out before warmth suffused his round cheeks. He watched as his neighbour stared wide-eyed at him before the latter looked away.

"Rea- really?" Kibum mumbled, suddenly shy; his cheeks tinted pink as he lightly swayed his body side to side nervously.

The older brunet beamed at him. “Yes!”

"But… I’m still a boy!" Kibum eventually replied, bottom lip sticking out in a pout.

"Well then we can both be daddies!"

"No we can’t!" Jinki blinked owlishly at his friend when Kibum’s round eyes suddenly started watering and his lips trembling.

"But why not?"

"Because- because then we wouldn’t be able to get married!" the 4 year old babbled tearily, "I want us to be married! Two boys can’t marry!"

"That’s not true," Jinki answered with a frown, "one of my classmates has two daddies! She says they got married right after they brought her home because they wanted her to be part of their wedding!"

"R- really?" the smaller boy blubbered.

"Yes! And umma and appa says they’re really nice too!"

Jinki reached out to wrap his chubby arms around his friend to bring him into a comforting hug. Kibum quietly snuggled into the older boy, burying his slightly runny nose into a soft shoulder as he sniffled noisily.

"We can both be daddies, Bummie," the taller boy continued, gently patting his neighbour’s back as he felt the latter’s body relax against his, "and we’ll have a house and a puppy!"

"Ok," the other boy pulled back slightly, red nose and wet eyes crinkling in childish happiness, "hyung will be my husband and I’ll be your husband!"

And then Kibum stood on tiptoes and pressed his puckered lips on Jinki’s unsuspecting ones to seal their agreement.

What they didn’t know was that years later they would be repeating a similar scene, and this time there would be no game or pretending.

Onkey. Americano coffee.

Jinki stiffened behind the counter when he heard the wind chimes tinkle as the café’s front door opened; it was 7:08 in the morning, which meant that the good-looking blond was probably the one who just came in. The young male had been a regular for approximately  the last two months and came in everyday at around the same time and despite the fact that they had barely spoken, it had only taken three days for Jinki to feel the first butterflies in his stomach whenever he saw this boy. The barista carefully put down the hot tray of chocolate croissants that had just came out of the oven on the marble counter before turning around and taking off his mittens as he faced his client.

"Good morning," he smiled, trying not to stutter as he looked up into a pair of feline eyes, "your usual?"

The young man in front of him nodded sleepily in response and Jinki turned around to prepare the order. It was almost second nature for the redhead to prepare coffee now and so Jinki did most of it by instinct while he wondered once again about his client.

For one thing, the blond came in every single day, even on the weekends, very early in the morning. He had to be around Jinki’s age so the barista assumed that this boy was most likely a student based on the different colorful backpacks, messenger bags, briefcases and such that he carried around as well as the notebook he was always hugging to his chest and the various pens or pencils sticking out of a pocket or two. What puzzled Jinki however, was why the male also came in on Saturdays and Sundays at the same early time too. The eccentrically dressed boy always came in more or less awake and alert during the weekdays but on the weekend it was obvious that he would have rather stayed in bed.

No more wondering, Jinki absentmindedly poured two shots of espresso and some hot water into a large pastel yellow paper cup as he thought about the conversation he had the day before with his cousin and part-time baker Jonghyun, today I will actually talk to him and find out more about him! An idea flashed through his mind and Jinki reached over to grab a brown paper bag and dropped into it a still warm chocolate croissant.

He turned around with the cup and pressed a plastic brown cap over it as he carefully put it down on the counter before gently pushing it over to the blond. There was already a specific amount of money on the wooden surface waiting for him and so Jinki picked  upthe coins and bills and rung up the other male’s order on the cash register.

Out of the corner of his eyes the barista saw pale fingers wrap around the hot beverage and he glanced up to see his client press it against his mouth and take a small sip. Jinki felt the butterflies in his stomach fluttering around even faster as a small smile drew itself on the latter’s cupid bow lips.

"Here," the redhead literally shoved the paper bag at the other male, "fresh out of the oven."

The boy blinked at him in confusion, suddenly wide awake.

"It’s on the house," Jinki added, pretty sure by now that his cheeks were probably almost the same shade as his hair, "you come in everyday and always order only an Americano. I thought maybe you’d want something sweet to balance it out for once, I mean I know I can’t stomach black coffee myself so I don’t know how you do it but-"

"Thanks," the other boy chuckled, cutting off Jinki’s rambling, "I have a hard time with sugar and stuff in the early morning so I always only get an Americano to at least keep me awake for my morning classes."

"Ah, see I thought you were a student with all the stuff you carried around but then you always make the effort to come in early even on the weekends when it’s obvious it’s days off and you could be in bed sleep and you know it’s Saturday today so I thought-"

"Oh," the younger male spluttered on the sip of coffee he was talking, interrupting Jinki’s word vomit once again, "I… Um, I like yo- THE COFFEE! I really like the coffee here a lot, you know? You guys have the- the best espresso! And I’m very busy with school assignments the rest of the day and- and.. so yeah! Um…"

The barista stared, wide eyed, as the blond before him started blushing bright red. Maybe… just maybe, Jinki thought, a small grin appearing on his face, Jonghyun was right after all. The younger male started fidgeting under his gaze.

"Here," he repeated, handing the paper bag over the other boy once again, "chocolate croissant. You can just eat it later if you’re not good with breakfast."

There was a moment of silence and for a second Jinki felt himself slowly deflate as he wondered with growing dread if maybe he had been wrong after all.

That was until he felt slender fingers wrap around the paper bag he was holding out.

"Tell you what," his client replied, cheeks still tinted pink, and Jinki thought he saw a twinkle appear in those crinkling feline eyes, "why don’t you ask your boss for a break since there’s no one else around right now and come have a seat with me? I’ll eat your croissant as long as you have some coffee with me. And it doesn’t have to be an Americano."

"I already had coffee earlier," Jinki replied and noticed the blond’s smile drop almost instantly so he hastily continued, "but I do feel like having some hot chocolate."

There was a pause as the words sunk in for the student and Jinki saw the relief appear in the younger male’s eyes and the mirth returning to his face.

"Well then don’t make me wait! I’m a client here," the blond teased, before asking worriedly, "do you need to tell your boss or something though?"

Jinki laughed as he started steaming some milk.

"I’m the boss. My name’s Lee Jinki."

The other boy’s eyes widened in surprised before he started giggling.

"Kim Kibum, I study fashion and design at the nearby university."

KIbum, huh?

Onew / Key. Both of them being sick at the same time.

Kibum, like anyone else, hated being sick. 

Being sick made Kibum an especially whiny, grumpy and moody person; a fact only known to those who knew him personally. Kibum knew to be more careful when they were in the public eye and instead became rather quiet and sedate when they were people, especially fans or the media, around.

The blond had been sick for a few days now, his mood having more or less pushed the rest of his bandmates, except for one, to avoid him back at the dorm. The only one Kibum usually allowed close enough without attempting to bite their head off when he was sick was their leader; no one could really get mad at Jinki to start with, secondly they were roommates and finally… well because the older member was his boyfriend. That and the fact that the light brunet often took it upon himself to take care of whoever that was sick made it all the more difficult to get irritated at him.

Jinki was especially compliant around Kibum when the latter was sick and the younger boy took great pleasure in clinging to him and ordering the vocalist around as much he could. As usual Jonghyun, Minho and Taemin scattered like flies around the dorm and left it, with much relief, gratitude and some guilt, to Jinki to handle their resident fashionista. The pair was scheduled as guest DJs on Sukira very soon anyway so it was better to irritate Kibum as little as possible and not make it more difficult for their leader.

Three days into his cold and slowly getting better, Kibum was awoken in the middle by a loud cough. Instinctively he had almost cried out for Jinki to get him something to drink until he noticed that the one coughing was not him. The blond glanced around the darkened room in confusion until his eyes landed on the large blanketed heap and the way it shook in the other bed matching his.

The haze in Kibum’s mind quickly dissipated as he realized that it was his older bandmate that had been coughing. He felt the guilt trickle into him as he watched the bundle curl up further with each harsh cough. Somehow Kibum knew that this was most likely the other boy’s failed attempt at covering up his voice to not disturb the former’s sleep.

Kibum frowned and stared at the other bed for a moment before noticing the full bottle of water that was resting on his nightstand. His gaze softened and he grabbed the bottle before quietly crawling out his bed and padding over to the leader’s own.

Kibum stood over the large bump for a moment and then reached out to gently tug at the thick blanket before slipping underneath it, gluing himself to Jinki’s back. The elder stiffened for a second and then relaxed when he recognized the warmth hugging him.

Jinki disentangled himself and carefully turned over to face the younger man with a worried look. It was then that the latter saw the exhaustion in his boyfriend’s eyes.

"Do you need anything?"

"Me? What about you?" Kibum muttered back, "You’re the one that was hacking up a lung just now.” 

"I’m sorry," the brunet apologized, "Did I wake you u-?"

"Oh hush, it’s my fault that you’re sick now too," the dancer sighed, bringing out from underneath the blanket the bottle he was still holding, "here, have some water."

"But I got it for y-"

"And you need it more right now," Kibum gently cut off, pressing the bottle into the other’s hands, "I’m already better thanks to you, hyung."

Jinki stared at him for a moment before finally twisting the cap off the bottle and taking a few sip of water. Kibum then took the bottle back, recapping it and putting it back on the nightstand.

"Come on," he whispered, wrapping his arms around the older boy and pulling him close, "let’s just sleep now. We can take our medicines together in the morning after I finally make us a little breakfast."

"Are you sure?" Jinki murmured, voice growing groggy with sleep.

"You’ve done enough old man," the other male replied, pressing a soft kiss to the leader’s forehead.

"Alright…" Jinki’s voice slowly trailed off as he snuggled into Kibum and let his mind drift off to sleep. 

It didn’t take long for Jinki’s soft breath and warmth to pull Kibum along to dreamland.

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