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The lack of colorful skinny jeans, skirts and wigs during exo’s gee/genie covers for their first solo concert was very disappointing.

How can this even be called a kpop concert if there was no crossdressing YOU FAILED.

EXO-M's Lotte Duty Free pic is just... The best thing I have ever seen. They're all killin' it but Kris... Kris is on fire.

Joonmyun (school president): This is our high school canoeing club
JM: Don’t they look cool and handsome
New student: … is that you? 
JM: Oh hush
NS: ¬_¬
JM: ^ ▽ ^ 
JM: And this is the rest of the club
JM: That’s Kris, my co-captain. He’s very… passionate.
JM: They’re all very nice. Yixing’s a tad too easily distracted at times though. 
NS: ʘ__ʘ
JM: Oh! This was last summer’s national high school competition. 
JM: We came 2nd actually, but that’s still pretty good. 
NS: Um. That’s great.
JM: You wanna join? 
NS: ⊙___
JM:  ( ° ▽ ° )

I can’t even…

Is it just me or is this whole blog all reposts: ??? I keep seeing her in several exo pairing tags and a lot of the times I either recognize the gifs from having already reblogged them or I can clearly see the original makers’ WATERMARKS ON THE GIFS. Her askbox is disabled so idk if she was either criticized before so she decided to close it and pretend no one told her OR she knew from the start that what she’s doing is shit and is just trying to avoid receiving any warnings so that she can blissfully and “innocently” continue reposting other people’s stuff. If by any chance you know her/know how to contact her, please (politely) let her know that she’s being disrespectful towards the original creators when she reposts their work (BUT DON’T BULLY HER OK). I’ve had stuff reposted before without my permission and I can tell you that it’s not a good feeling… I hope none of my followers are following/reblogging her.

If you recognize anything she repost, you might wanna let the original creators know out of respect for their hard work, ok?

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exo12 by SANHA85


EXO K MAMA era booklet

This was a project that I have done a 4 months back. The booklet consists of EXO K members representing their powers and I used different mediums to portray their individual characters. The front and back cover is scenes from the beginning of the MAMA MV (LMAO. I’ll screen shot it if you guys can’t get it). And as an overall, I needed to have cool tone colours to match as a project requirement.

Mediums used:
Suho: water colour blending and dry white for the whirlpool
Sehun: colour dye to have two different shades of sand.
Baekhyun: glitter, pin heads and an old jewel.
Chanyeol: water colour blending and burnt piece of cardboard.
Kai: water colour blending and cotton.
D.O: water colour blending, crayon and paper mache.

credits to (Kai: karekareo, Suho/Sehun/Baek: Nekozumi, D.O: Ara) for photo referencing.

Exo recorded another episode of Weekly Idol!

“The inspiration of this song is The Little Mermaid  written in 1837. When the little mermaid turns 15, she falls in love with a prince. She asks the Sea Witch to give her legs in exchange for her voice. She hopes the prince would marry her and suffers a lot of pain for him but fails. The prince decides to marry the neighboring king’s daughter. Before dawn the little mermaid’s sisters bring her a knife from the Sea Witch. If she kills the prince with the knife and lets his blood drip onto her feet, she will become a mermaid again. But when she stands in front of his bed, she can not bring herself to do that. When the sun rises, she throws herself into the sea and her body dissolves into foam. In the song ‘Baby Don’t Cry’, the prince doesnt sleep, he wakes up and asks her to kill him:: ‘Dont hesitate, please take my heart. Love is kind of light winkling. It is mercy to close my eyes in the moonlight. Suppose me as a stranger, or fancy yourself actor. What we say is just lines of an opera. Baby dont cry tonight. When the dawn lights the skies, it will be as if nothing ever happened. You will never dissolve into foam, for my love is with you forever. So, baby dont cry cry.’”

Another newly released EXO teaser image ;)
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Another newly released EXO teaser image ;)

Exo: shorties at the front, giants at the back
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Exo: shorties at the front, giants at the back


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