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Hi! You made a post about putting a read more on a tumblr text post except now they've changed the layout formatt :( Do you know how to do it now because the button doesn't exist anymore when you type ?

I updated that post a while back: here! You probably saw the original version since that’s the one that ppl have been reblogging mostly. The button’s still, they just changed the icon! :)

Don't know if you've been asked this before but I feel really stupid not knowing how to do do I add text to a post? Like at the bottom of a picture? You know when you see someone's url and then a long line going down to their text? Please explain:(

Um… I’m not sure but I think you’re talking about the blockquote function?

Basically if you’re reblogging someone else’s post and there’s a text attached to it, their url and that “line” will automatically appear with what they wrote to “quote” them, thus letting your own followers know who’s the author of that text/comment/addition/etc. So if you’re reblogging a post from someone, and decide to add a comment to it, your url and that “long line” should appear automatically if someone else reblogs it from you so that others who don’t follow your blog will know you were the one who wrote that part.

On the other hand if you’re creating a new post, then you can use the blockquote icon;

it’s that blue icon in the middle if you’re using firefox (6th from the left)

or the icon with a vertical line and arrow if you’re in chrome (2nd from the right, NOT THE CIRCLED ONE)

if will look like this if you use it, without your url… unless, as i said before, someone else reblogs it from you and adds something in the text box; then your url will show up on the other person’s reblog!

I hope that answered your question! Lemme know if whether that helped or if I misunderstood your question, yeah? :)

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Did you do the read more/cut tutorial? If so, do you know if there are other tutorials, such as how to make an ask rebloggable, or how to put a quote of a reply to a post as a post? I have seen others do this.

Yep, I did.

You can use a browser extension like missing e (it’s not unsafe, unlike what tumblr’s trying to make us believe) or greasemonkey (I’ve never used it myself though) but I think with missing e the reblog icon will only show at the actual link/post in the blog itself, and not on your dashboard. Otherwise I’ve stumbled upon this tutorial - it’s a bit complicated though. The simplest way yet without any extension would probably be that you simply screencap the ask you want and make a post with it.

As for your second question… I’m slightly confused by it? Do you mean something like this? Or do you mean you taking the actual blogger’s “reply/answer” from an ask out to make a new post from it? In that case you can really only (and simply!) copy it and paste it in a new post.


Just an easy trick I learned a few years ago that I thought I’d share. May not work 100% all the time, but works well for simple hand/arm placement.

how did you make your "about me" page? I tried looking it up on google, but it didn't work ;/

Go to your preferences and then customize your blog. Then click pages in the bar at the top and finally add a page.

Answering this publicly just in case anyone else if wondering too. :)

i'm trying to do a read more. but i can't because my html text posting has gone for some reason, so do you know the code for the read more or how i can get the html text post back?

Would this help? Because I’m not sure what you mean by “html text posting”.

[edit] Or you can try inserting <!— more —> where you want to make the cut when you go into the html source to edit.



How to draw pikachu, aka peanutchu.

Totally going to draw this all the time now.
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How to draw pikachu, aka peanutchu.

Totally going to draw this all the time now.


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