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Eggplant!Jinki by Vrenille

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"[I’m Your Boy] Jongyu going for a picnic~" by Vrenille (canvas bags coming soon!)

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Vocal cord polyps are common if you use your vocals a lot. Chester Bennington of Linkin Park had to have them removed before, and he's harder on his vocal cords than Jinki is. I know people are concerned because he's a singer, but you guys shouldn't worry too much. Chester still screams to his hearts content so, Jinki will most definitely be fine. :)

lol I’m not the one who’s that worried - more like a good bunch of ishawols (and some other kpop fans?) were freaking out and being irrational about the situation and SM’s “abuse” of their artists. People don’t even realize that

1) Onew’s not the only k-singer (or singers in general like Chester Bennington as you’ve mentioned, Julie Andrews, etc, and even NON-singers) who went through this so stop being overdramatic. 

2) His symptoms started in Feb, he was probably only given a proper diagnosis weeks later (I’m sure everyone, including Onew, initially though it was just a regular cold or whatever).

3) His condition is NON LIFE THREATENING which means it didn’t require immediate surgery. Most surgeries for something non life threatening are scheduled for a few months later, they can even regularly get delayed by the hospital for a number of reasons. SM DOES NOT GET TO DECIDE THIS.

4) His condition could’ve been caused by a huge number/combination of factors; his singing, his drinking (remember that he’s the heaviest drinker in the group) and his possible e-cigs smoking among other things. Onew’s not some pure angel on a 100% healthy diet without alcohol and all that crap.

5) You cannot put the whole blame on SMe. Onew’s an idol. A SINGER. Exhaustion and sickness is pretty much 100% part of the job. Dozens of western, asian and other singers/entertainers have experienced what he has experienced and I don’t see anyone camping in front of their management companies to throw rocks at them for overworking their artists?????? In some cases it’s the artists themselves who insist on continuing their work because whatever pain they’re feeling is still bearable or minimal if they know how to manage themselves (one extreme example: DBSK Yunho went through something like this several years ago and he insisted on just getting some shots to numb the pain before performing with a high fever and everything when everyone told him not to - then he fainted the moment they got backstage if I remember correctly). In most cases having vocal cord polyps does not make you drop your whole life to crawl and hide in your bed. You can keep doing most of the things your were already doing and more, you just have to be more careful with your throat.

6) SM/Shinee keeping quiet about Onew’s situation IS NOT BECAUSE THEY DON’T CARE. It’s because they knew some of you would react this way; freaking out, pointing fingers, blaming SM, etc etc. A LOT OF YOU ARE PROVING THEM RIGHT with the way you’re behaving. And do you remember the crazier korean fans, especially the saesangs??? If word had gotten out that Onew was prepping for surgery and had to stay in the hospital, you’d have fans at the hospital entrance or sneaking in to find him WHICH IS NOT WHAT YOU WANT. It would’ve created trouble for the hospital, the staff, other patients, their visitors, etc. It would’ve stressed Onew out and it would’ve stressed out the surgical team/doctors following him. This is not the kind of attention that they need. I can understand that SM could’ve at least given a notice that Onew was unavailable for a while even without giving a clear reason (hell I was frustrated over the whole Onew/Singing in the Rain thing) but either way a lot of ppl would’ve still reacted immaturely.

Anyway, I hope everyone keeps posting positive, encouraging messages to Onew and Shinee and stop being negative and bringing down the fandom’s image. Who knows, maybe by next year Onew will be in a new musical. ;)

(Apologies to my old hag Vicki for turning her message into a rant. Keke~)

I want a Xiumin and Onew unit. I’d call them Mandu & Dubu.

 And Henry can play some violin on some songs or something. It’ll be like:

I Am Only a Soft Man (ft. Mochi) - Mandu & Dubu

Spring Eunsook by riddle_shirt

Unseen JongYu selca in Mexico! posted by vrenille


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