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Unseen JongYu selca in Mexico! posted by vrenille

Ontokki in LOTJ Borneo by vrenille

JongYu @ SWC3 Mexico / airport!Ontokki / Eunsook by vrenille

Ontokki knitting his grey scarf by comkong

Ontokki in Seek Magazine (vol. 3) by kp_motsu

JongYu Cafe… on a coffee cup! by vrenille

Evil!Onew (if only…) by vrenille

Evil!JongYu @ SWC3 in Seoul by Vrenille

GirlsGirlsGirls!Shinee @ SWC 3 in Seoul by tok_idol

Onew comforting Jonghyun @ SWC3 in Seoul (140309) by vrenille & kp_motsu


Viv, Vi or Vivi,
a French-Canadian-born Asian

I rant, I spazz, I sing, I draw,
I dream, I criticize, I watch, I act,
I'm sarcastic, I'm empathetic,
I can get philosophical,
I can also be completely wacky
I'm a walking self-contradiction, really

Main interests: Kpop, LOTR, food, etc
ships: OnKey & XiuChen
also JongYu, SuLay, Kaisoo, Baekyeol & YunJae
biases: Onew, Xiumin, Elijah Wood, etc
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