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Donghae and SMTOWN family at SMTOWN Tokyo :3

kid donghae sunbaenim taking an instagram video on stage again

"I stay home when I’m not working. So I feel I live meaninglessly. I hate being alone yet I wanna be alone."(cr)

what do you think about jennytaetae's reaction (on tumblr and twitter) about taeyeon and baek's relationship? i don't understand how the fuck taeyeon disrespects us fans??


I don’t get it either tbh. It just seems really immature to me. I didn’t realize that dating and being a normal human being was selfish and “betraying” us fans. And just because you don’t like the person she’s with, or don’t know anything about them, or they aren’t who YOU’D like to see her with, doesn’t give you the right to want them to break up oh my god how disrespectful can you possibly be. Is Taeyeon’s happiness really nothing to you? And wow the whole she’s-not-the-person-I-thought-she-was mindset that a lot of people are having right now is just???????? What kind of person did you think she was??????? The kind of person that would never fall in love or want to go out on dates with her significant other??????? lol. And can people relax about the 4-5 instagram posts OUT OF HER NEARLY 600 OTHER POSTS, that had hidden messages to her bOYFRIEND???????? Are you seriously going to lose your shit OVER 5 FUCKING PICTURES. Wow, who cares about the hundreds of other pictures and videos, where she sings to us, and tells us how must she loves us, and makes us laugh, etc, yeah none of that shit matters because hOW DARE SHE EXPRESS HER SECRET LOVE TO HER BOYFRIEND IN FRONT OF US!!!!! SO EVIL OF HER WOW SO DISRESPECTFUL!!!!!! Who cares about all the other amazing stuff she’s done for her fans in the past 6-7 years, THOSE 5 PICTURES!!!!1!!!1111! IT’S ALL BEEN A LIE!!!11!111!1! Do people not realize how irrational that is? So what if she’s giddy and happy about her new relationship and wanted to express it on 5 FUCKING POSTS. Just because we didn’t know what was going on RIGHT AWAY means she betrayed us? UMM???????  If this whole taboo didn’t exist about idols dating aND HAVING NORMAL LIVES didn’t exist she probably would’ve told us right away when she started dating, but since you know idols dating is the MOST HORRIBLE THING EVER AND IS NEVER OKAY OR ALLOWED!!!!!, she kept it a secret for this long, but hey she’s happy and in love and wanted to express that in sOMEWAY, i thought that was normal in any relationship? Going out on dates, leaving each other cute messages on social networking accounts, sharing couple items, etc, all normal human behavior!!! Why is that so shocking omg.

Stop glorifying Taeyeon and expecting her to be this perfect robot that never does things based on her feelings, because NEWS FLASH, SHE HAS FEELINGS LIKE THE REST OF US!!! Wow, so shocking I know!!!!! Idols dating should not be this big of a deal to begin with, and while it is her job to make us fans feel happy and loved, it’s also her job to be a fucking human being and do what makes HER happy. Are people really going to ignore everything else she’s ever done for us and hold this against her forever? I mean REALLY? Is her value as a human being only based on her being single and devoting her time ONLY on us fans? “all those times she made us think that she’s a lonely emo kid but infact she isn’t?” Wow, I didn’t realize that dating and finding happiness after feeling sad and alone for so long was a crime! I guess all of our idols who have ever expressed sadness or loneliness should just STAY sad and lonely forever and NEVER try and find a reason to be happy because then tHEY AREN’T BEING THE PERSON WE THOUGHT THEY WERE. I didn’t realize “lonely” and “sad” were personality traits that Taeyeon had to be FOREVER and any chance of her being happy means that she’s bETRAYING US AND ISN’T BEING WHO WE THOUGHT SHE WAS!!11111!1

I guess Taeyeon chose the wrong time to be a human being.

What is your opinion on the Baekhyun-Taeyeon news?


I don’t have too much of an opinion, I don’t care too much about the actual relationship. I think they actually might be dating (and if they are, I hope they are happy together and I wish them all the best) but yes SM is using their relationship to take away focus from other ~events~ and that’s all I’m willing to say ‘officially’. Whatever the reason for SM to uncover this right now, and whatever the truth is, I still just want everybody to respect both people involved and treat them like real adult people with their own respective wills. This isn’t a fucking scandal. People date all the time. People have sex too. Famous or not. Sometimes you will hear about it, most times they do it in secret. Don’t take for granted your idols are the people you think they are. You don’t know them personally.
If this was Minseok, I’d just be really glad that he’d found someone that makes him happy. Seeing him happy makes me happy. Ships/OTPs are all just for fun, and I don’t know the real Minseok, so why would I feel hurt/be sad or whatever? You need to differentiate the idol on stage (that we get to see and love) and the ordinary person behind, that has their own private life and should be able to do what they want. Being an idol is a job. And a really hard and controlling one at that. That doesn’t mean they aren’t still real people that have desires, feelings and dreams like everyone else. That’s all ~~


baekhyun dating

expectation: i'm so jealous, oppa is mine
reality: how did that kkaebsong dumbass get taeyeon



REGARDLESS of whether the rumors are true or not, i think it’s time we lay down a few pieces of common courtesy and decency

  • do not  hate on taeyeon because of the rumors
  • do not hate on baekhyun because of the rumors
  • DO NOT hate on either one of them because of the rumors

if they really are dating, they are happy, and it is  not either fandom’s job to fuck it up for them be supportive of both parties. do not spread hate.

leave and let be.


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